Privacy policy

1. Client and Supplier Information

First House processes personal data concerning its clients and suppliers. The information is not disclosed to other businesses. The processing of personal data is based on balancing interests. We need to keep in touch with our business clients and suppliers to follow up offers, orders and deliveries. This is a legitimate interest and requires direct contact with individuals in order to be effective. Necessary information is therefore collected regarding contact details for our contact persons at our clients and suppliers. The adviser collects personal information from the client, including contact details for the client’s contact person, minutes of meetings, and similar items. The adviser may also transfer such personal data to other companies in the adviser's agency grouping. The adviser is independently responsible for this processing of personal data. If the adviser processes personal data on behalf of the client, the parties will enter into a separate data processing agreement that regulates this processing. More information about the adviser’s processing of personal data as data controller can be found in the adviser’s privacy statement here.

2. Marketing

First House processes personal data for marketing purposes. This personal information will not be disclosed to other businesses. First House organises seminars and gatherings 3-4 times per year. In order to be able to send offers about these events to the right person, it is necessary to register names and e-mail addresses. This is voluntary and means that you receive e-mails from us with such offers. This information is stored in a separate database and will not be passed on to others. The legal basis for this processing is consent. You can withdraw your consent to the storage of your contact details at any time. First House will then delete your contact information from the address list that is applicable to offers for seminars/gatherings.

3. Personnel Administration


First House processes personal data as part of personnel administration. The personal information that is processed in this connection includes personnel, salary information, evaluations, information about relatives, and education/position level. Processing of information is primarily due to legal obligation. Some of this information handling is also based on balancing interests. It is not possible to have access to the information in any other way than storing the information. Collecting the information is therefore necessary. Personal data associated with personnel administration is stored as long as the person concerned is employed by First House.

Former employees The processing of most of the personal data is based on balancing interests. There may be a need to document personnel conditions even after the employment relationship has ended. This can, for example, apply to documentation that we as an employer have fulfilled our obligations according to legislation or the employment contract. This is a legitimate interest. It is not possible to have access to the information in any other way. Collecting and retention of information is therefore necessary. Such information can be stored for up to twelve months. The information covers the former employee’s employment, duration of the employment relationship, with work tasks being stored for longer when necessary. The information will not be disclosed to others without the former employee making such a request, for example in connection with the assessment of employment with a new employer.

Job seekers First House needs to process personal data about job seekers. It is not possible to assess an application without processing such information and the processing is therefore based on balancing interests. Common information is name, education, work experience, reference persons, etc. (CV). We do not use the information for anything other than assessing the application and we do not give the information to others. Personal information about applicants for positions will be deleted no later than 6 months after the person concerned applied for a position at First House, unless the person concerned is employed. In addition, jobseekers must give their consent if they still want us to keep the information in our database. The basis for processing is legitimate interest.

Other contact persons Processing of personal data is based on balancing interests. We need to have contact with public authorities, for example NAV and supervisory authorities in connection with matters under public law where we may have obligations and rights. This is a legitimate interest. In some cases, communication will only be effective if we can contact individuals directly. Processing is therefore necessary. We store names and contact details and use the information to contact the person's employer. The information relates to the contact person's employment and not to the contact person's private life. Our processing of the personal data is clearly predictable for the contact person. The basis for processing is legitimate interest.

Visitors to the company's website On First House's website, we process information about all visitors using Google Analytics. The information that is logged is not linked to the visitor and cannot be traced back to you as an individual. You can opt out of Google Analytics from this page.

According to Google's guidelines for the use of Google Analytics, no personal information is collected about the users. The data collected is stored on Google's servers. You can read more about how Google collects and protects data here.

4. Client Openness

We encourage our clients to be open about their cooperation with First House.