First House is a full-service advisory firm focused on leadership, communications, public affairs, and media relations. We offer analysis, strategy, advice, and operational communication support. We also contribute to M&As, IPOs, and ongoing investor relations. We put together teams across skills and experience, delivering tailored solutions that help our clients manage and create value.

Strategic advisory

We provide boards and executive management teams with strategic advice on business and organisational development, corporate governance…

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Communication strategy

Communications should contribute to supporting and achieving business objectives.

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Political analysis

Changing framework conditions create both opportunities and challenges for businesses and other organisations.

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Financial communication

Every business depends on trust and interest from owners, lenders, authorities, and other stakeholders.

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The path to becoming a listed company introduces several new legal requirements and expectations for any company’s internal and external information flow.

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Mergers and acquisitions

No two acquisition processes are alike, but common for all is the need to be able to control information flows until a public announcement is made.

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Investor relations

A dedicated IR resource may be necessary to maintain a good relationship between the company and the capital market.

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Crisis preparedness and management

Good communication, both internal and external, can help reduce the scope or consequences of a crisis.

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Leadership and internal communication

The expectation of good leadership communication continues to increase, especially among younger employees.

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Media management

Knowledge about the working methods and areas of interest of the media and journalists is important to achieve desired, or avoid unwanted, media attention.

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Social media

Engaging content on social media can enhance reputation, brand strength, stakeholder dialogue and attractiveness as an employer.

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Media training and presentation skills

An interview situation can be daunting, whether it involves a newspaper or TV journalist.

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Text, content, and presentations

We develop text and visual content for use in internal and external channels, in addition to assisting with the structure, content and design of presentations and talks.

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Talks and event moderation

Many of our advisers have experience and skills that make them sought-after speakers at events and conferences.

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Pro bono

First House offers advisory services pro bono to non-profit organizations that contribute positively to community development.


Our advisers have experience from business, finance, media, public administration, as well as politics at a national and local level. At First House, we are convinced that knowledge and different perspectives lead to better decisions, solutions, results – and a better society. We compose teams across skills and experience and deliver tailored solutions that enable our clients to achieve more.