Investor relations

A dedicated IR resource may be necessary to maintain a good relationship between the company and the capital market. At First House, you will find advisers with operational IR experience from listed companies. We may take on the role as investor contact on behalf of clients on a regular basis or during periods where the business has special needs. We provide assistance with stock exchange announcements, clarification of regulatory questions, messages to the capital markets, management of various IR channels and tools, planning of and support with quarterly presentations and capital market days, design of presentations and reports, and ongoing advice related to communication with the capital markets.

Strategic advisory

Communication strategy

Political analysis

Financial communication


Mergers and acquisitions

Investor relations

Crisis preparedness and management

Leadership and internal communication

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Social media

Media training and presentation skills

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Pro bono


Our advisers have experience from business, finance, media, public administration, as well as politics at a national and local level. At First House, we are convinced that knowledge and different perspectives lead to better decisions, solutions, results – and a better society. We compose teams across skills and experience and deliver tailored solutions that enable our clients to achieve more.