Media management

Knowledge about the working methods and areas of interest of the media and journalists is important to achieve desired, or avoid unwanted, media attention. Our advisers have experience as former journalists and editors at national and regional news outlets, as well as communications managers or spokespersons for organisations in various sectors. We assist with brainstorming, research, and content production that provides a basis for pitching stories to the media, and with advice on media handling when media coverage may have negative consequences for company or management reputation or trust.

Strategic advisory

Communication strategy

Political analysis

Financial communication


Mergers and acquisitions

Investor relations

Crisis preparedness and management

Leadership and internal communication

Media management

Social media

Media training and presentation skills

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Talks and event moderation


Our advisers have experience from business, finance, media, public administration, as well as politics at a national and local level. At First House, we are convinced that knowledge and different perspectives lead to better decisions, solutions, results – and a better society. We compose teams across skills and experience and deliver tailored solutions that enable our clients to achieve more.