Ketil Lindseth

Partner and senior adviser

+47 419 00 286


Ketil Lindseth has been a partner and adviser in First House since the start of the company in 2010, where he was one of the founders.

Lindseth has a varied background from advertising, communications, sports and politics. He has held positions as State Secretary and political adviser in the Stoltenberg II government, where he was in both the Ministry of Labor and Inclusion, and the Ministry of Health.

Lindseth led First House's political department for a number of years and has been responsible for business development and the establishment of Sustainability and Scandsports, which are newly established companies in the Bridge group and are co-locating and working in partnership with First House.

Lindseth currently works as an adviser to owners and managers in companies that have business challenges and government-related problems. He has worked and currently works, among other things, in industries such as energy and industry, health, tech, food, private welfare provision, and sport. Ketil also holds various board positions, including in First House and Bridge.