Who we work for

We receive assignments from clients in most lines of industry in both the private and public sectors. Some are huge corporations. Others are organisations with a few employees. Some of the largest industries in terms of turnover are banking and finance, healthcare, food and beverage, manufacturing industry and technology, oil and gas, real estate and retail. The private sector makes up the vast majority of the client base, and we have a number of international clients.

First House has grown rapidly since its inception. We were established in 2010 and were, after just three years, among the country's largest communication agencies. This is a position we have retained. In 2014, our turnover was more than NOK 84 million. We have worked for more than 300 clients and are involved in about 50 ongoing assignments at any given time.


We encourage all our clients to be open about working with us, but respect, of course, that some may desire or need confidentiality. It is an absolute principle for First House that the client owns the information about the client relationship.

Assignments for public sector clients will normally be subject to transparency regulations, but also in such cases, it is the client who owns the relationship and who can comment on the assignment.

First House and Pro Bono

All employees of First House are encouraged to take on pro bono work. This means that, in many cases, we work gratuitously for organizations, individuals or associations that do not have funds to pay for external assistance. The common denominator for our pro bono assignments is that they originate from nonprofit organizations or charitable initiatives. If you represent someone who might be an appropriate recipient of such assistance, we encourage you to send information about your project and needs to us here.