Contact one of our advisers directly

Questions about the company should be directed to our Managing Partner. If you wish to contact one of our advisers, please refer to the description of each individual employee where you will find contact information. Diane Dahl can assist with all administrative questions or if you do not reach a particular adviser.

Haakon VII's gate 10, 0161 Oslo

Postal Address

Postboks 1755 Vika
0122 Oslo 994575775

Invoice Address

Invoices in PDFformat can be send to: Other queries can be sent to:

First House AS
C/O Diane Dahl
Postboks 1755 Vika
0122 Oslo

Chairman of the Board

Kari Holm Hejna

+47 906 69 284

Managing Partner

Per Høiby

+47 994 55 225

Telephone First House

+ 47 210 46 200

Crisis Telephone (24/7)

+47 994 21 994