Quality, integrity and social responsibility

First House is a member of Abelia and an associate of the UN Global Compact. The company has developed a quality manual with guidelines for all aspects of its business.

Clients come to us with assignments that have strategic and economic importance for their businesses. They must therefore be able to trust that we will bring the assignments to completion with integrity and high quality.

Before we accept an assignment, we make an assessment of whether the mission could create ethical challenges. We decline taking on assignments that we cannot justify from an ethical point of view, for example out of social considerations.

First House always gives clients realistic expectations about which results can be achieved and what effect our advice can achieve. We do not require advisers at our company to be part of an assignment that is contrary to the individual's persuasion or integrity.

First House advisers' responsibility

Employees at First House must put ethics on the agenda in their daily work.

Employees are required to report to their superiors or to the company's management if they suspect or observe ethically irresponsible behaviour internally within the company, by the client, or by partners. Employees also have the option of reporting anonymously to the company's safety representatives.

Transparency about roles

We encourage all our clients to be transparent about our cooperation. Meanwhile, we understand that they can expect confidentiality and discretion whenever necessary or desirable.

Advisers at First House are not allowed to have personal or financial interests in an assignment. The company has also formulated clear guidelines to prevent conflicts of interest.

We are happy to share knowledge and insights about politics and business with others, but if we do it on behalf of a client, it has to be cleared with whomever we are working for in the case in question.

Avoiding conflicts of interest and ensuring confidentiality

Unless it has been cleared with the clients involved, First House will not undertake assignments conflicting with other ongoing assignments. If our clients have different interests in a case, we establish separate teams internally and operate with professional confidentiality between advisers.

First House protects confidential and private information about and from clients, even after the relationship with the client is over. We do not share confidential, sensitive or proprietary information from one client to another.

First House does not comment on clients or assignments in public unless it has been cleared with the client beforehand.

An adviser at First House must not speak publicly as an expert if he or she has client contracts relating to the case which is to be commented upon.


Advisers at First House are to consult with the company's management before assuming positions in politics, organisations or businesses.

Political offices require particular prudence and understanding of roles. Advisers with such positions should declare themselves incompetent in matters directly pertaining to the adviser's own client relationship (conflict of interest) or if there are circumstances that are likely to undermine confidence in the adviser by the client and the community at large.

When necessary, First House will consult with the leadership of the relevant political body to agree on practical handling of roles and impartiality.

Inside information

Anyone in possession of inside information is required to follow the Securities Trading Act's (Verdipapirhandelloven) rules for the handling of insider information, regardless of affiliation with the listed company. As advisers to listed companies, employees at First House often gain access to inside information.

As with all other businesses that regularly are in possession of inside information, First House is obliged to have procedures that satisfy the legal requirements for the handling of such information.

All employees at First House are required to clear and report all forms of directorships, shareholdings, purchases and sales of shares and options with the CEO of First House.