First House helps clients to communicate relevant and correct information to the capital markets while safeguarding the relation to other target groups. We also frequently assist with stakeholder analyses and analyses of the political situation ahead of the mergers and acquisition processes.

First House has advisers with backgrounds in senior management in large, publicly traded groups and from working with investor relations (IR). We also have advisers who have worked as financial analysts and financial journalists. At First House, we work both strategically and operationally, and in close cooperation with the board and senior management of our clients. We also work with financial advisers and legal counsel when appropriate.

We offer assistance within areas including the following:

  • IPOs, M&A
  • refinancing and restructuring
  • media management and media relations
  • investor relations (IR)
  • financial reporting
  • continuing obligations of listed companies
  • corporate governance
  • business communications as a whole

Other services

Health Sector

Nothing in Norwegian politics receives more attention than health. No policy area is more important to the broad section of the population. No sector is more thoroughly regulated and complex. At the same time, the demand for health services is increasing, while the available resources are limited. It challenges sustainability and sets requirements for restructuring, changes and priorities in the sector. First House helps organizations and actors in the health sector to come forward with their ideas and views.


​Several advisers at First House have experience from the major Norwegian media houses. Others have even been involved in cases that have received media attention. This enables us to quickly and accurately analyse a media situation and enable the client to handle the opportunities and challenges that the situation entails.

Politics and Society

Politics sets the conditions for most businesses. Politically decreed framework conditions could be an obstacle, but can also create new opportunities.

Crisis and Emergency Contingency

​No two crises are alike. Some start with an accident, some with an anonymous warning about corruption, and others with frustrated clients in social media or by a reporter calling. Whatever the situation, our experience is that leaders who have a plan for dealing with incidents, who have practiced dealing with the unexpected and who are capable of communicating well, often emerge unscathed from the crisis.

Executive Communication and Internal Culture

Communication is one of the leader's most important tools. Good communication shapes the culture of the business, influences attitudes and triggers actions that bring the business forward. Without communication tailored for each target group, even the best strategies remain merely plans on a piece of paper.

Positioning and Reputation

First House assists with long-term positioning and reputation building of companies, people, products, brands and ideas.

Interim Management

We offer highly qualified interim managers for hire, both short-term project assignments and for longer periods.