Organizations unite in their commitment to patients, healthcare professionals and other actors in the sector. The health industry is an important contributor, whether through services, medical equipment, medicines or technology. For organizations and actors, it is about coming up with good solutions and important input. It is crucial that their voices be heard in both formal and informal decision-making processes.

Precise advice - based on professionalism and policy understanding

At First House, we both support and challenge our clients, so that they are as well-equipped as possible. Through in-depth knowledge of health policy, the health sector, framework conditions, organization and management, we make precise analyses, thus providing a basis for accurate strategies and concrete action plans. We work both strategically and operationally, and in close collaboration with our clients.

"We enable our customers to seize opportunities and meet challenges in the best possible way."

A health team with unique experience and insight

First House's health team consists of advisers with experience from the Ministry of Health and Care Services, directorates, Norwegian politics, the media, organizations and the business community. At the core of our health team are:

Our expanded health team consists of a number of other advisers who have experience and insight from various parts of the health sector, both from finance, media and politics, for example:

Assistance in many different areas

Our services include:

  • Analyses, strategies and action plans
  • Operational assistance for the implementation of measures
  • Message development
  • Assistance in decision-making processes
  • Consultation responses, reports, professional reports
  • Market access for services, medical equipment, medicines and technology
  • Input to framework conditions
  • Visibility and positioning
  • Authority and politician contact
  • Media management and media training
  • Preparation of contingency plans and crisis management
  • During covid-19, we have prepared infection control guides in collaboration with health personnel

Other services


​Several advisers at First House have experience from the major Norwegian media houses. Others have even been involved in cases that have received media attention. This enables us to quickly and accurately analyse a media situation and enable the client to handle the opportunities and challenges that the situation entails.

Politics and Society

Politics sets the conditions for most businesses. Politically decreed framework conditions could be an obstacle, but can also create new opportunities.

Crisis and Emergency Contingency

​No two crises are alike. Some start with an accident, some with an anonymous warning about corruption, and others with frustrated clients in social media or by a reporter calling. Whatever the situation, our experience is that leaders who have a plan for dealing with incidents, who have practiced dealing with the unexpected and who are capable of communicating well, often emerge unscathed from the crisis.

Executive Communication and Internal Culture

Communication is one of the leader's most important tools. Good communication shapes the culture of the business, influences attitudes and triggers actions that bring the business forward. Without communication tailored for each target group, even the best strategies remain merely plans on a piece of paper.

Financial Communication

Owners, investors and lenders want predictability and good information about anything that could affect their business and the value of an investment. Both the capital markets and the authorities are making ever greater demands for information.

Positioning and Reputation

First House assists with long-term positioning and reputation building of companies, people, products, brands and ideas.

Interim Management

We offer highly qualified interim managers for hire, both short-term project assignments and for longer periods.